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Welcome to Elders.Stat

What is Elders.Stat

Elders.Stat is the data warehouse that collects and organizes statistical data produced by Istat on population ageing in its different aspects, in order to make them more accessible to any kind of user (policy makers, researchers, journalists, citizens).

The amount of data available will be increased in the coming months with information on Culture, mass-media and new technologies, Health conditions, Prevention and health promotion, Informal care networks, Relations, Social participation, Satisfaction and interpersonal trust.

Data are organized in a homogeneous and coherent way and they are constantly upgraded.

Elders.Stat is part of #ELDERS , the statistical information system that contains thematic insights about population over 55 which allows dataset downloads, interactive graphs visualizations and enables access to editorial products and to a selection of documents and national and international web sites links.

How does Elders.Stat work?

Statistical data are grouped by themes and topics. Elders.Stat can be queried by keyword or by theme.

Data are organized in multidimensional tables, which users can export in xls, csv and sdmx formats. In addition, users can obtain customized tables and graphs changing variables, reference periods and heads and sides of the tables, according to their objectives.


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